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Written and compiled by Ashley Holloway and Jen Knox. Notable contributions by Sascha Ealey.


Short summary:

Over 500 prompts for artists and writers. We challenge you to check off as many as you can (understanding, of course, that some are quite strange).



Welcome to this tiny, handy book of 500 creative prompts by the Unleash team that offers inspiration to artists, writers, or anyone who would like to live more creatively. It is our belief that all the seemingly ordinary details and nuances of our lives are opportunities to explore imagination through a variety of mediums. We also believe that creativity is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

We put this book together as a fun way to explore different approaches to sharing stories and emotional truths through simple (and sometimes silly) prompts. If you are just beginning your creative journey or reestablishing a creative practice, you might be surprised how a little prompt can open up worlds. If you’re an established writer or artist, you can use this book to hone your craft or get back to the joy of pure creative expression.

Our challenge to you, my friend, is to aim to respond to as many prompts as you can in the next thirty days. Then see if you can top that number the next month. One prompt each week is a good place to start, but you might get up to a prompt a day. You can go systematically, keeping to themes, or jump around and cross the prompts off as you go.

Remember, artistic expression is like a passport that can take you around the world and beyond without the bother of having to step foot in an airport, remove your shoes, and lift your arms for transportation security officers (see the Reflect section for an airport prompt). Go curate, create, reflect, connect, and alchemize. And remember to have fun! We look forward to hearing how it goes.

–The Unleash Team


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