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Meet Unleash!


Jen Knox

Founder and Managing Director

Jen is an award-winning writer and teacher, a meditation instructor, and the founder of Unleash Creatives.


Her books include WE ARRIVE UNINVITED (Steel Toe Books Award Winner: March 2023), After the Gazebo (Rain Mountain Press), Resolutions: A Family in Stories (Aux Media, audio link to the left), and The Glass City (Hollywood Books International, Prize Americana winner), which will be rereleased in 2023, and Dandelion GhostsShe earned her bachelor's from Otterbein and her MFA from Bennington College. 

Check out Jen's writing and author site here.

She coaches writers 1:1 on a limited basis and is dedicated to championing new literary voices. 


Chris Shanahan

Co-Owner and Lead Artist

Chris Shanahan is an economist and artist who specializes in portraits, murals, infographics, data visualization, multimedia painting, typography (or *legal* graffiti), acrylic, oil, and illustrations for children's books as well as book cover design.


Chris's customized portraits range from amusing to realistic. He is also an Excel wizard.

See Chris's artwork here. Connect with him about business graphics or custom illustrations here.


Sascha Ealey

Social Media Manager

Sascha Ealey was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she still resides with her two children. She wanted to become a writer ever since the age of seven.


She obtained a bachelor’s degree in English at Saint Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. One of her dreams was to use her life experiences to help young women feel understood in a world where society wants them to sweep things under the rug. Sascha wants to challenge and encourage women to step into their truths despite the opinions of others. It is her hope that young girls and women break those generational curses that were left by their ancestors.

Her first book, Dry Bones, is available here


Ashley Holloway

Book Reviewer, Editor

Residing in Mohkinstsis, Ashley Holloway teaches healthcare leadership in Calgary, AB. She is a nurse with a Master of Public Health, a graduate diploma in Global Leadership, with further studies in intercultural communication and international development. Ashley’s work has appeared in the Calgary Public Library Short Story Dispenser, The Nashwaak Review, The Globe and Mail, Magna Publications, The Prairie Journal, CARE Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, Canadian Dimensions, with regular contributions to Lead Read Today; forthcoming publications include Flash Fiction Magazine (TBD), and WELL READ Magazine (March 2023). Ashley reads manuscripts, writes book reviews, and provides editorial feedback for Unleash Press. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.



Carol Fischbach


Carol Fischbach is a writer with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, a retired RN, Reiki master, and a student archetype with several other degrees, but her favorite classroom is everyday life and listening to and reading others’ stories. Writing is the portal through which she enters her life, seeks insight, reframes it, forgives it. Her essay Butterflies, Berries, and Beef won 2nd place in the WBNA 2020 Creative Nonfiction Contest. She has been published in Khora, Propeller, Nailed Magazine, Oregon East, Tide Pools, and the Port Townsend Leader. She has written and performed several monologues with Beth Dunnington Bornstein’s Performing the Story groups. She has also performed at ROAR, a platform for fierce feminine storytelling. She is currently working on a memoir.


Felix Ramos


Meet Felix. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from Stockton University. His writing is full of magic, fantasy, and passion. He enjoys writing young adult, magical realism, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction. When he is not writing he is finding new hobbies to keep his creative mind running. These days those hobbies are collecting gemstones, meditating, herbology, and learning to draw. His adaptability and curiosity is found in the various genres he reads and also writes about. His most recent story, "Monsters aren’t Real," can be found in Stockton’s journal, Stockpot 2022.


Tiffany Sciacca 

Reader, Editor

Tiffany Sciacca was born in a small town, fled her small town, and is back again. She is a poet new to the Flash Fiction genre, whose work has appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly, MER, Pidgeonholes, and Blink-Ink. When not writing, she watches horror movies and haunts thrift stores.

Check out her site here.

Lisa Color_edited.jpg

Lisa Baron, PhD, LCSW

Creative Collaborator

Lisa Baron is a teacher, writer, social worker, and mentor. She earned her Bachelor's in Teaching, (University of Wisconsin-Madison) her Master's in Social Work, (University of CT), and her Doctorate in Philosophy from the Institute of Clinical Social Work (Chicago). Lisa also teaches creative writing for Story Circle Network. Some of her work can be found in Tales-From-The-Pandemic, The Blotter, Social Work Today, and Real Women Write: Beyond Covid Leaning Into Tomorrow (Story Circle Network)

Currently, Lisa splits her time between the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area and Chicagoland. She is most proud of her long term marriage to Lee, and her three wonderful adult children and their partners.


Find more on her website

Unleash Creatives is an antiracist arts organization that believes in the power of diverse stories and diverse voices. The world needs your stories, and we will help you to best tell and share them. Our aim is to amplify and uplift your voice through arts and literary services.

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