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Image by Chris Charles

Heikki Huotari

Falling into Solipsism


Nature hates the bell-shaped curve that fits the data badly. Nature won't be made a fool of. Nature hates the bell-shaped curve that fits the data well. If any rose may be deduced from any other rose because the rose is in itself a contradiction no two cornerstones opposed to roses are the same. Pursuant to dismissal alternate realities impinge. What's harmful to the health of one is beneficial to the health of many in that Elvis and health are not mentioned in one breath. Most anything is possible if there is but one god. Add cosine squared of theta to sine squared of theta what's that spell can't hear you what's that spell. My eyes distinguish ultraviolet from infrared so I distinguish yet-to-be from dead. Had I no evil twin I would invent one. If my logic were bimodal I would find a middle way.





An attractive nuisance and a moving average linger in and dispatch through the back yard and the public square respectively and my majority is fungible and sudden. I'm relieved to see that mine is not the only fossil footprint. One concentric skeleton begets another, if suspended from a pendulum a pendulum and everyone's a short-list nominee for some drunk and disorderly award. A one-to-one and onto operator, I walk through a door wherefore my bright idea is gone, nor bed of nails nor barefoot floor of glowing coals nor wretched worm to chew. As of your inattention I don't know what state of grace I'm in or that it matters. As I'm sipping from a saucer and not talking, my opinions and my wishes are not known. How will I get elected if I haven't suffered yet?




Of a chair the agent is a table. Algorithm, algorithm, who is in charge of the algorithm now? If contradiction as we know it is the appetizer then tautology is the dessert that was foreseen, i.e., the end of time. Impediments are emanating daily as we lie abed awake. In the present diagram the intersection of the categories Here and Now is shaded. I eat of the apple, I remember of necessity and watch my every step. He leadeth me beside the gutter and he maketh me to lie down on the sidewalk. Alabama is a mental state and I'm The King, i.e., my vertigo is self-induced. To Noah, Simon says, “Invoke the Axiom of Choice,” but then when Noah does so Simon calls him out.









About Heikki Huotari

Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. Since retiring from academia/mathematics he has published poems in numerous journals and in five poetry collections. His manuscript, To Justify The Butterfly, won second prize, and publication, in the 2022 James Tate Chapbook Competition.

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