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What 2021 Writing Circle Participants are saying

"I am so grateful to have met Jen Knox on my writing journey! I was drawn to her in a crowded Zoom room and trusted the intuitive connection, and the more I got to know Jen, the more I wanted to work on my book with her. She is efficient, positive, knowledgable, community-oriented, and supports womxn writers with clear passion and natural leadership. Jen's Womxn's Writing Circle is so helpful for me because as a woman, I have never had direct feedback on how intimate details of my memoir might impact those reading. The feedback I get from Jen and the other womxn about the value of this story and how it makes them feel encourages me to keep going." - Sarah Poet, Tedx Speaker


"Jen's circles are beautiful containers for writers to further refine their work and benefit from the support of other like-minded womxn. I come out of every session more in love with the process of creating and looking forward to the next round of feedback!"

"Jen’s feedback on my writing has been instrumental in propelling me forward and believing in my own voice. She has helped me find my strengths and encouraged me to press further into the terrain of writing. This is the first time in my life where I feel confident to say, I’m a writer!"


"Womxn's Writing Circles is an inspiring group, led by an inspirational teacher, Jen Knox. The writing prompts truly "unleash creativity."


Sign up today! Limited Space Available.

The annual plan is currently only $320!

  • Flexible access to all WCs, which will include writing prompts + resources and guided group discussion breakouts with the option to share writing.

  • Feedback from me on up to 10 pages each time (whether or not you join the meetings; $560 annual savings)

  • Free access to the June write-in and other workshops throughout the year

  • A 30-minute coaching session or add-on to an existing call

  • 14% discount on developmental edits ($6/formatted page instead of $7)

  • Click here to buy the annual plan now.

I went from a high school drop-out who believed no one cared about my stories to a published author with over a hundred publications around the world.I've published four short story collections with presses from New York City, NY, Hollywood, CA; and Detroit, MI. My short stories have won awards and appear in textbooks and classrooms. My latest collection is even being adapted to film.

I know what it is like to have misdirected creative energy, to believe I don't have time, to feel alone on the journey, and to think that no one will care. I even know what it is like to be publication-hungry and make bad decisions as a writer.

It was my writing journey that led me to create Womxn's Writing Circles. This program is designed to offer practical wisdom and genuine, uplifting support to help you achieve your creative goals.


I look forward to writing with you! 


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