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We are a holistic arts organization and small publisher. Unleash Creatives provides writing coaching, editing, resources, illustrations and design support to both new and established writers. For information about Unleash Press, go here.


We will meet to develop a detailed outline and plan to bring your brilliant idea to a finalized draft.


*We only take on select projects to ensure we are a good fit. 

editing, coaching, Packages

We offer developmental editing services, 1:1 book coaching and workshops that support you along you writing journey from idea to finished manuscript.

Full-service Art Studio

Murals, pet portraits, digital media and 1:1 classes (on a limited basis).

Book Design & Illustrations

Book covers, children's book illustrations, logos, and other literary illustration services. 

(Also offered as part of packages)


JP, Texas

If you're serious about growing as a writer, you should certainly consider hiring Jen Knox as your writing coach.

Though I hold a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Playwriting from a reputable writing program, Jen's coaching has been a great resource for me.  Her no-nonsense approach, sage advice, thoughtful feedback, and considerable knowledge of all things writing has truly helped me exceed my writing goals. 

If you're ready to take your writing to the next step, I recommend giving her a call today.

Brandi, WA

I've been figuratively barricaded behind a self-imposed wall, unable to let out art... Even avoiding guided meditations, and a lot of things I need yet am afraid to be present to and with. And, with your meditation, I legitimately just did an art therapy charcoal sketch! It that was insightful and also not what I expected to show up. Thank you sincerely for this.

Rachel, OR

Working with Jen was a delightful process, she confidently navigated me through developmental editing to ready my book for pitching to publishers. She listened well and understood my goals and interests. It was such a pleasure working with Jen, and I look forward to working with her again on my next book project. I highly recommend Jen if you are writing a book and want to partner with a supportive and knowledgeable guide.

Upen, OH

Jen coached me through the completion of my collection of short stories. She is a great teacher and very precise. With her positive feedback and encouragement, I was able to finish the book. 


I highly recommend her coaching services for new writers.

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