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Creativity Coaching 

"If you're serious about growing as a writer, you should certainly consider hiring Jen Knox as your writing coach.

Think about it: there are few genuine resources for writers who struggle to conquer their shortcomings and improve their craft.  Online articles typically consist of quick tips with no real depth or wisdom.  Writing books provide plenty of general advice, but don't typically help to identify your specific writing issues, or provide clear steps to develop new approaches.  College classes and writing groups suffer because members generally focus on improving their own work, rather than providing quality feedback on yours.

Though I hold a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Playwriting from a reputable writing program, Jen's coaching has been a great resource for me.  Her no-nonsense approach, sage advice, thoughtful feedback, and considerable knowledge of all things writing has truly helped me exceed my writing goals. 

If you're ready to take your writing to the next step, I recommend giving her a call today."


JP Goggin, Texas

"Jen coached me through the completion of my collection of short stories. She is a great teacher and very precise. With her positive feedback and encouragement, I was able to finish the book. I highly recommend her coaching services for new writers."

U. Dave, Ohio

Meditations and Mindfulness

"I'm a confident person but started becoming conscious of these little persistent images when I'd get angry about something, ultimately undermining myself. This meditation, in just five minutes, helped me bring these images fully to my awareness to give it attention and recognize how ridiculous it was. That was really amazing!"


Wendy W.

"I've been figuratively barricaded behind a self-imposed wall, unable to let out art... Even avoiding guided meditations, and a lot of things I need yet am afraid to be present to and with. And, with your meditation, I legitimately just did an art therapy charcoal sketch! It that was insightful and also not what I expected to show up. Thank you sincerely for this." 

Brandi, Washington

"This is what it’s’s meditation and inner wisdom and science combined, it’s delivered in the right tone with a beautiful energy and voice ...I will keep working to the goal." 

Lisa, UK

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