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Maggie Morris resembles a human. Unknown and unattached, she moves seamlessly through her days, a polished collection of patterns. Her only honest relationship is with the dormant tree outside her Brooklyn loft window. When she unexpectedly runs into her childhood best friend, Dana, a Tsalagi girl who disappeared the summer they turned nine, Dana’s cryptic references about the events surrounding her disappearance launch Maggie down a rabbit hole of questions, not only about that long-ago summer but about who she’s become and why. 


Magpie explores appropriation and masking as the means through which an undiagnosed autistic woman builds a functional identity, burying her true one in the process. Maggie is difficult, odd, and soulful—in search of not only answers to a childhood mystery but an authenticity she has no idea how to recognize.


Bronwen’s writing and visual art can be found in Meetinghouse Literary Journal, Medium, GRASP, and Beyond Words Literary Magazine. She’s a New York International Fringe Festival Excellence in Directing award recipient, a 2022 and 2023 finalist for the Drama League's Beatrice Terry Residency, a member of the 2022-23 playwriting cohort at The Dramatist’s Guild, and the recipient of a 2023 Goddard Engaged Artist Grant and a Rona Jaffe Breadloaf Scholar Award. She’s a Riggio Honors: Writing and Democracy scholar at The New School and is pursuing her MFA-IA at Goddard Collage in Vermont. Bronwen’s work has been recognized and supported by The Actors Studio, Sarasvati Creative Space, Irondale, The Ross Foundation, The Ailey Center, The Watt Family Foundation, Meetinghouse Literary Journal, Unleash Press, TÉA Artistry, Duke Films, GRASP, The Private Theatre, The Dramatist’s Guild, and The Sundance Institute. Magpie (2022 Unleash Press Book award) is Bronwen’s debut novel.



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