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Pet Portraits & Custom Art

Simply put, we love all of our animal friends and we think pet portraits are a fun way to express that love. How do you get a awesome painting of your best furry friend? First, send us a picture of your furry friend and tell us what background and artistic style. We usually work in acrylic paint on canvas or gessoed hardboard, but let us know what you prefer.  Second, tell us what size painting you want. Below are the typical sizes and corresponding full painting price (includes shipping): 

5 x 7: $75.00

8 x 10: $125.00

11 x 14: $150.00

16 x 20 (our most popular size): $175.00

24 x 30: $250.00

Custom Size: Contact Us!

Please allow up to 3 weeks (21 days) for your painting to arrive! Also, no pet limits per painting, but remember if you want us to put 10 pets on a 5 x 7, it will be a very crowded painting!

We can also produce a custom painting on any subject that moves you, be it your favorite car, your kids and family or your favorite place. Just let us know what you want and we would be happy to discuss!