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A few words 

On change and transition

Thank you for reading this season's issue. The Unleash Team is thrilled to champion such strong voices as we head into the late summer months, and I invite you to savor each writer's words. 

We're addicted to the feeling of championing authentic voices in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, but we want to do it in a way that gets the most eyeballs on each piece. After starting my own Substack, Here We Are, these last few months, I realized how much more writer-friendly the platform is than Wix. 

I floated the idea to our team that we move the journal there while maintaining archives here. We're all on board, and here's why:


1. Substack is fun, clean, and easier to share

2. If we gain a few paid subscriptions, this will allow us to pay writers (beyond our annual prize, of course)

3. We'll be part of a growing movement toward valuing writers' words in a new way

4. It'll be easier to get feedback on work and to engage with each other! 

5. We will publish MORE quality literature by accepting pieces on a rolling basis


So we're doing it, folks. We're moving to Substack. This will mean we will highlight each accepted work on its own page, as we do now, but readers will be able to comment and share easier. Also, there will be no slow-loading days like there are with Wix. At least, I don't think so. And you can check in here for updates from our Unleash authors, workshop opportunities, and more. 

So take my hand, and let's take a journey together beyond time and space, all the way ... here. (Note: archives will be maintained here, and we plan to feature pieces again at our new site.)

In community,



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