UNLEASH Creativity Workshops 2019

Serving Columbus and surrounding areas. Online workshops are available. 614-309-1795.

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Fuel creative energy needed to reach your personal goals and business performance objectives


Unleash Creatives supports individuals and companies alike. If you have a story to tell, we provide the tools, talent and processes to help you refine, revise, and share your vision. Our services are highly customized and emphasize the mind-body connection by incorporating a variety of exercises, from yoga and meditation to team problem-solving and "messy art" in order to motivate creative thinking and productivity.


Unleash Storytelling Business Workshops, Consulting and Graphic Art Services enable the creation of future business scenarios and growth opportunities for back-casting and strategic planning and to enable communication with both internal and external stakeholders.


Ideation Workshops

Get your project off the ground using innovative, creative solutions in a half-day or full-day ideation workshop. Synchronous online options are available.

Creativity Coaching

This is the most personalized and in-depth creative service because it is about carving out personal and long-term creative journeys. Ongoing meetings, coaching calls, emails, and debriefs will be scheduled according to your goals. If you are looking to write a book or completely revamp a program, this is your best option.

Scenario Visioning for Strategic Planning 

Part of a workshop or offered as an isolated service, scenario visioning for strategic planning means immersing yourself in the future. We help you to reverse engineer your future in order to achieve your goals.

Storytelling and Graphic Art Support

We offer infographic support, customized rebranding, and other miscellaneous graphic art services. We also provide mini-workshops on how to master the art of storytelling to best reach your goals.